Friday, February 11, 2011

Vintage Teal Armoire

I don't know about you but anytime I hear the word "vintage" I am intrigued! Especially with furniture. Give me a shabby, chic, vintage, colorful piece of furniture and I am a happy girl. My next project is sitting tall and proud in my living room. I have had this armoire for YEARS. It was in my house when I was younger and I always thought it was ugly. Who would have thought that it would now be one of my favorite pieces of furniture?! After painting it "vintage teal" I am absolutely in love.

Isn't "vintage teal" so pretty?! AH, I love. Please ignore the bottom drawer that is slightly open. Guess I was too lazy to close it for the pic.

I was going to hit Hobby Lobby to get some new knobs but after cleaning/polishing the old ones I decided I loved the look. I love how the wood shows through the paint. Might have been an accident but I went with it!

Pretty. I want to paint my whole house this color-but I won't, promise.

1. First I sanded the entire armoire, not too heavily though, just enough to give it some "grab" so I could paint.

2. After removing drawers and shelves I got to painting!

3. After I applied 2 coats of this pretty pretty princess paint and it had fully dried, I LIGHTLY sanded over the paint to give it a rustic look and so some of the dark brown original wood could show through.

SO easy and cheap and I love it. Since the dresser was free from my parent's house, I spent less than $20 on paint and supplies. Go shop your parent's house for old furniture and get busy!

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