Monday, March 14, 2011


Sorry, it has been a month since I posted! I am actually in the middle of re-junkifying 2 little projects but it is taking me longer than planned-- baby was sick, hubby was sick, bla bla etc. etc. Those are my excuses. So, I am posting something I made a few months ago for my sister. It was so fun to make and I think they are so cute in any room! The picture is not the best but it is all I have for now.

It is really a simple project! I ordered over 200 corks in bulk from Etsy for only 6 bucks. Seriously! The frame was one of those cross ribbon picture holders (I have no idea what they are you know what I am talking about?!?), and I bought the knobs at Hobby Lobby. Each knob was under $2! Holla!

I love this project because the more "imperfect" it is I think, in my opinion, makes it look even better! You can either lay out your corks just like you want them or just glue as you go. I kind of did both. And lastly, I just screwed the knobs right into the back!

You can use any size frame, paint it some funky color, glue some corks on it and use it for anything! I made Katy's so she could use it for her necklaces.

Overall, this project cost me about $14. I'm making myself one so I will post pics when I am finished!